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Healthy Chicken Gyro Platter with Tzatziki

March 1, 2023 • 0 comments

Healthy Chicken Gyro Platter with Tzatziki
This chicken 'gyro' pita platter is so delicious, makes a great weekend family al fresco lunch or dinner. All my family loved it, even the pickiest ones, and on the plus side, is clean and healthy. Made with my lectin-free pita bread, pasture-raised chicken, and homemade tzatziki.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 4




  1. Make the marinade in advance, about two hours before you start or you can make it in the morning or whenever you have time during the day. Rinse well and pat dry your chicken (it's a good practice especially if you have histamine issues).
  2. Combine the yogurt will all the spices in a bowl, add the chicken, and mix well. Add everything to a bag or a glass container, make sure the chicken is covered in the marinade, cover well, and put in the fridge until the cooking time.
  3. It will be great if you can marinate for at least 2 hours.


  1. Heat a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a big skillet. Add the chicken with the marinade and cook for about 10 minutes on each side (time will also depend on how the chicken is cut or how big the pieces are. Chicken thighs are forgiving and will not dry out like chicken breast, but keep an eye on them.


  1. Peel the sweet potatoes, wash with cold water and dry. Cut the round ends, and slice on their length. Cut the slices again into sticks, the more equal the size, the better.
  2. Add to a baking sheet, drizzle with just a tiny bit of olive oil, stir to coat them with the oil and arrange them so they are not crowded on the pan.
  3. Cook at 375F without touching for about 20 minutes, but it will depend on how thick the fries are (keep an eye on them so they don't burn). When they are ready take them out, stir with a spatula and let them on the pan until the rest of the food is ready.
  4. Salt just before serving (salt will turn them mushy during cooking).


  1. Combine all the ingredients. Can be made in advance and kept in a glass jar, in the fridge.


  1. Serve any way you like or makes sense for your family. Use cassava tortillas, pita bread, or any kind of flatbread you have. Read the post above for suggestions on what recipes to use. These can also be made in advance.

Visit Claudia's website, Creative in My Kitchen, for the full recipe and a more detailed description.

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