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Lectin-Light, Pastured Pork

Pork raised on fresh, clean pasture.

A Pig's Dream...

Just like our chickens, our pigs thrive outdoors in a combination of pasture and forest.  We give them 1/2 acre paddocks and move them to new pasture weekly.  They enjoy foraging for fresh food, rooting around for dropped nuts and grubs, and rolling around in the mud.  It's a pig's dream life!

Our pigs are supplemented with our specially designed and nutritionally balanced lectin-free feed.  It is made fresh on-farm from the same basic ingredients as our lectin-free chicken feed.

Since they live in the great outdoors, sanitized by nature, we do not need to administer medications, vaccinations, or antibiotics.  Any animals that absolutely needed any of those treatments, would be treated and then removed from our program.  All of the pork we sell is completely 100% free of medications, including vaccines and antibiotics.

We just made the smoked ham. I put apricot jam and Dijon glaze over the top and baked until brown and caramelized. It was the best ham we have ever had.
Robyn (AZ)

Our "Must Haves"

1 Full Pasture Access

None of our pigs ever live in barns. We supply them with mobile shelters, but they typically sleep outside. They basically live in the pasture/forest 100% of the time. This principle was so important that we named the farm after it.

2 Lectin-Light Feed

We have created a unique lectin-free feed, specially formulated for pigs. It contains the same basic ingredients (milo, millet, sesame, flax) as our chicken feed. Once again, we've avoided all the heavy-lectin grains and legumes found in most swine feed.

3 Sanitation

Our movement-based management system enables us to raise our pigs without the use of antibiotics. Since they are moved weekly, they are not living on the same ground breeding harmful bacteria and pathogens for the entirety of their life.