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When 'Pasture-Raised' isn't enough...

Pasture-Raised + Lectin-Free feed
So excited to announce the world's first chickens raised on a 100% Plant Paradox-friendly diet! Finally, Pastured Steps takes the worry out of eating my favorite food... and probably yours too. And they taste delicious too!
Dr. Steven Gundry

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We produce high-quality Lectin-Light Chicken™. Our chickens are pasture-raised and fed a supplemental diet consisting of ingredients on Dr. Gundry's "Yes" list. Our homemade feed is SOY-Free, Corn-Free, Wheat-Free and does NOT contain Peanuts, Peas, Oats, Rice, Sunflower, or any of the other typical lectin-heavy grain substitutes. Yes, you can finally eat chicken again! We have selected a specialty breed of broiler that is known for its gourmet flavor. This makes our chicken both nutritious and delicious! In addition, we use regenerative farming practices to promote soil health and animal welfare.
I was surprised and happy to hear that someone so close to where I live (Dallas) was willing to experiment with raising truly lectin-light chicken. Who understood what lectins are and that it is not impossible to raise lectin-light chicken, what the majority of farmers say. He is one of the few farmers in the US, and even the world, who has undertaken such an experiment and I'm very grateful for this.
Claudia Curici, Health Coach and Food Blogger Claudia Curici, Health Coach and Food Blogger

Health & Wellness

Our goal is to produce the healthiest chicken available, period.
If you care about your health, your family's health, and the welfare of the animal you eat then I highly recommend Pastured Steps Family Farm and their delicious lectin-light chickens!
Margaret, TX

What You Get

All of our meats are uncooked, vacuum-sealed, and ship frozen. Whole chickens are completely processed with all the insides removed and the neck included. They are individually vacuum-sealed. Chicken parts are packaged by the cut in the qty's listed in the product description.

Grass Farmer

One of the most important things we grow is grass, the foundation of life on the farm. It sounds like such a simple thing, but grass provides both the nutrition and the flavor to our chicken. This important ingredient is missing from 99% of chicken available for sale across the US.
I just got done roasting one of the chickens and the organoleptic profile is wonderful! The sizing and proportion of the breast was very good and fat and moisture retention was great. Most impressive of all, was the way the skin did not significantly shrink and it was able to crisp evenly and retain shape color through the roast. Very impressive work with these birds!
Patrick, CA

More than just chicken...


Our turkeys are pasture-raised and supplemented with our special lectin-free feed just like our chickens.


Our pork is raised in a mixture of pasture and forest using a rotating paddock system. We feed our pigs a special lectin-free free feed made from the same basic ingredients as our poultry feed.


Our beef is 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished. They are NEVER fed any grain or grain by-products. They graze our clean pastures 365 days a year.

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