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How we do "Pasture-Raised"

Movement is key!

Our Mobile Range Coops

There are many factors that go into raising chickens. They need protection from predators, fresh air, water, feed, shade, and fresh air. Conventional chicken farmers solve these issues by building giant indoor chicken barns that house 20,000+ chickens. This allows them to strictly control every environmental aspect and fine-tune conditions for optimal growth. Unfortunately, those systems have some major drawbacks. They breed disease, increase stress, and remove access to the natural environment.

To give our chickens the best life possible, we have designed and built special Mobile Range Coops. They not only provide basic necessities like protection, fresh air, shade, water, and feed, but they also allow the chickens to be outdoors. This gives them full access to fresh pasture, sunshine, diversity in their diet, sanitary conditions, and more.

Our "Must Haves"

1 Full Pasture Access

We're not talking about a small door on the side of a barn leading out to a bare patch of dirt. We're talking about living 100% of the time on fresh pasture. This principle was so important that we named the farm after it.

2 Outdoors

Animals are not meant to live indoors. Our chickens are outside as soon as age-appropriate (~3 weeks). They have constant fresh air, sunshine, dirt, bugs, grass, and all the stuff chickens enjoy.

3 Sanitation

Our movement-based management system enables us to raise our chickens without the use of antibiotics. Since they are moved every day, they are not living on the same ground breeding harmful bacteria and pathogens for the entirety of their life.