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100% Grass-finished Beef

Simply the cleanest beef you can buy.

Grass-finished Beef

Unfortunately, the term "Grass-fed" is now meaningless.  All it means is that a cow has eaten grass at some point in its life.  This is true of basically all cattle.  The more important term to look for is "Grass-finished."  Grass-finished cattle are not fattened up with corn and other grains right before slaughter.  We take the guesswork out and provide only 100% grass-fed and finished beef.  Our cattle are never fed any grain or grain byproducts.

In addition, we don't medicate, vaccinate, or give our cattle any antibiotics.  This is simply the cleanest beef you can buy.

Our cattle live in the great outdoors, all the time.  They graze our clean (never sprayed) pastures 365 days a year.  Any supplemental hay provided comes from our own pastures, so we know it is clean.

Our "Must Haves"

1 Full Pasture Access

Our cattle graze pasture 365 days a year on a rotational basis. We do not spray any chemicals on our pastures. They are fertilized by the animals living on our farm.

2 100% Grass Diet

Our cattle are raised on grass, forage and hay that comes from our property. They are never fed any grain or grain byproducts.

3 Animal Health

We don't use any vaccines, antibiotics, or medications. Instead, we focus on clean pasture, rotational management, and the natural health our our animals.