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Our Farm's Story

We are a small family farm located in Midlothian, TX roughly 35 minutes south of both Dallas and Fort Worth. Our goal is to produce high-quality pasture-raised foods, free from all the industrial chemical inputs used by conventional farming practices. We use regenerative farming practices that improve soil health, increase biodiversity, promote animal health, and benefit the environment.

In early 2019, we were approached by several customers looking for "Lectin-Free" Pasture-Raised Chicken. We worked with an expert from Fertrell to develop a feed that contains ingredients from Dr. Gundry's "Yes" list. We started taking deposits and eventually raised the first batch in the fall of 2019. Several years in we now feel confident that you can enjoy eating chicken once again!

We've even added Lectin-Light Turkey, Pork, and Beef. You can learn more about our other products on our farm's website at

Farm Values

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to farm systems that aims to regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, improve water cycles, enhance ecosystems, support bio-sequestration, increase resilience to climate fluctuation, and strengthen the health and vitality of farm soil. Our commitment to continuous improvement of the health of our soil will help to ensure our farm continues to increase in productivity without the harmful practices and inputs required by conventional farming systems.

Animal Welfare

On Pastured Steps Family Farm we have a passion for animal welfare which speaks to the health, care, and physiology. As Joel Salitin would say, we honor the chickeness of the chicken, pigness of the pig, and cowness of the cow. For example, chickens thrive outdoors when they have space to roam on pasture, forage for grass and insects, take dust baths, and bask in the sun. When animals are treated in a responsible way, they are happy, healthy, and nutritious.

Healthy Foods

We produce foods apart from conventional industrial inputs and destructive farming practices. All of our animals are fed Organic feed which is also Non-GMO. Our pastures are never sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, and the like. We use only premium quality feeds that meet our standards to minimize the chances of contamination from all those potentially dangerous chemicals.


  • Dan Walter
    Dan Walter
    Founder & CEO, Farmer, Grunt Force Labor
  • Stacey Walter
    Stacey Walter
    Office Manager
  • Josh Bitzkie
    Josh Bitzkie
    Farm Manager - Purdon


Knowing what is in our chickens and the dedication Dan has to get it right, it is easy to highly recommend the quality of his lectin-free chickens. Great flavor too!
Lari and Bruce, TX


  • Antibiotic-Free

    We never give our chickens any antibiotics or hormones. We have found that when chickens are raised on pasture in healthy conditions, those things are simply not necessary.

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  • Chemical-Free

    Our poultry are raised Chemical-free. This includes using only Certified Organic ingredients in our feed if they exist. In addition, poultry will consume grass, bugs, dirt, worms, and whatever else they scratch up on pasture. Our pastures are never treated with chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Note: While we do our best to follow all Organic protocols, our farm does not currently carry an Organic certification and our poultry products are NOT Certified Organic.

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  • Grass-fed/finished

    These animals are NOT fed any grain or grain by-products. In the case of beef, our cattle are fed only pasture grasses and naturally occurring plants, forage, hay, salt, and minerals.

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  • Lectin-Light

    Our chickens are fed a supplemental diet consisting of ingredients on Dr. Gundry's "Yes" list. Our special blend of feed is SOY-Free, Corn-Free, Wheat-Free and does NOT contain Peanuts, Peas, Lentils, Oats, Rice, Sunflower, or any of the other typical lectin heavy substitutes.

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  • Pasture-Raised

    Our chickens spend their lives on pasture where they are free to eat bugs, grass, and take dust baths in the sun. They are housed in portable shelters that are moved to fresh pasture every day.

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Dr. Gundry's Podcast

We were excited to be featured on Dr. Gundry's podcast, episode 122.  On the show Dan and Dr. Gundry discussed regenerative agriculture, farming and of course our Lectin-Light Chicken.  You can listen or watch the full episode here.

You can also watch the episode on YouTube.

Not all Pasture-Raised Chicken is Equal!

Boy, am I happy to have Lectin-Light Chicken in my life! For the last 2 years, I was going to my local pastured farm to buy their chickens and eggs. But I was still having autoimmune health issues even after removing lectins. So, I recently had blood labs done to figure out what was going on. Turns out, I still had leaky gut issues! So, I started digging and found a source of lectins- the culprit that was preventing me from healing all the way. It turned out that my local farmer was supplementing his pastured chickens with corn, wheat, and soy! [a common practice] I am so thankful to have found truly Lectin-Light Chicken so that my gut can heal and I can make lupus symptoms a thing of the past. I'm forever grateful. For lectin-free meal ideas, find me on Instagram @lectinfreecreations.
Gina Hill, Autoimmune Warrior and Wellness Blogger Gina Hill, Autoimmune Warrior and Wellness Blogger

Movement is the Key to "Pasture-Raised"

Click the link below to learn more about how we do truly "Pasture-Raised" Chicken.