Party Wings

Party Wings

Approx. 1 lb
$12.79/lb. Avg. 1.1 lb.
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A pack of party wings from our Pasture-Raised, Lectin-Light Chicken.

Our pasture-raised chickens spend their lives on the pasture foraging for bugs and grass. These chickens are fed a supplemental feed containing healthy seeds like millet and sorghum and free of the usual lectin heavy grains. That's right, NO Corn, NO Soy, NO Peanuts, NO Wheat, NO Barley, NO Oats, No Peas, etc. In addition, our chickens are NEVER given antibiotics or hormones. For those on the Plant Paradox or a Low-Lectin diet, you will be happy to know that the ingredients in their feed are on the 'yes' list.

Our poultry is processed at a USDA inspected facility and ships frozen in vacuum-sealed packages.

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